Repositionable Labels


The new superstar premium! For decades the flexible, vinyl magnet has been a performance star for marketers, a branding tool whose effectiveness is all about remaining visible for a long time.

The obvious limitation to magnets, however, is that they require a metal surface. Today, new repositionable adhesives allow labels to take the place of vinyl magnets — and add several important advantages:

First, repositionable labels are very inexpensive compared to magnets and far easier to mail (in terms of both weight and machine insertion issues.)

Second, they allow broader applications because they can be placed on virtually any surface, not just a refrigerator door.

Third, they’re extremely user-friendly because they’re so easy to apply, remove or reposition without leaving any sticky residue. Recipients aren’t reluctant to use them.

And fourth, repositionable labels offer superior printing quality and a variety of label materials (for indoor, outdoor, clear, or durability applications), opening up a new world of creativity for you.