Pressure-Sensitive Labels

We manufacture pressure-sensitive labels of many different sizes and configurations. The possibilities are just about endless. Our customers find these eye-catching labels to be highly effective and extremely cost-efficient.

Label products have proven to be very effective marketing premiums for direct-mail campaign efforts large and small. Our wide-web multi-color capabilities and our laser-label commercial quality expertise allow us to offer solutions to the most demanding marketing endeavors.

Automated Forms

By definition, an automated form is one that interacts with a computer printer. Technology has advanced in computer printing from impact to laser printing, utilizing toner and heat in both sheet-fed and continuous modes.

Competing in this arena demands a sophisticated working knowledge of laser equipment and how paper-and-ink products will react to toner adhesion and heat. Form products for business application, normally are limited to a few colors and requires less sophisticated printing techniques. Toner imaging is used to personalize and customize messages to business products and commercial printed promotional mail documents that utilize multicolor or four-color process printing on coated and non-coated paper.

These products require a great deal of expertise in laser applications as well as in high-quality printing techniques. Redfield has positioned itself with equipment and personnel to sell and support the largest of mail drops or the smallest test mailing.

Commercial Printing

In our commercial printing division, we can manufacture both sheet-fed and web. These products can be printed with multiple colors, including four-color process- front and back. Typically, these products are folded, stapled together or bound and are used as sales aids showing a picture and telling a story of a product tangible or intangible.

These products in the truest definition never interact with a computer printer to be personalized or variable imaged. This type of product appeals to all businesses large and small because of the inherent need to convey a message to customers and prospects.