Our History

Redfield Direct LLC was founded in Omaha in 1883, a year which also saw a number of Nebraskans traveling west for the first time, via the pioneering Union Pacific Railroad.

Redfield found appreciative clients in the growing Omaha community before the turn of the century. Among them were numerous county governments, for whom Redfield did a great deal of the official printing. Today–more than 100 years later – Redfield still prints for many Nebraska counties and still uses high-quality metal type.

But the old-fashioned craftsmanship so highly valued by early county clients is only one of myriad capabilities of this ultra-modern printing company. Not only has Redfield retained its rich heritage, but it also has become a leader in serving modern communications needs.sidebar_history

In 1986, Redfield Direct LLC was purchased by Tom Beachler and Tom Kearney, who brought in a third partner, Dale Stephens, several years later. Formerly employed with a national computer forms manufacturer in Omaha, the new owners understand first-hand the rapidly expanding business needs created by the technological revolution in communications. Building a rewarding environment for creative thinkers among their approximately 85 employees, Redfield has diversified its operations and brought in the newest, most efficient state-of-the-art equipment.

While Redfield continues to expand its boundaries into regional and national markets, valued long-time local clients are always greeted with personal attention, and assisted with sophisticated new technology. Redfield provides many options for clients utilizing promotional mail, automated forms, commercial printing, pressure sensitive labels and numerous other custom printed products.

Lining the halls in Redfield’s 100,000 square feet of printing plants in Omaha are service placques for long-time employees, some who have dedicated more than 50 years to the business, and others who fathers worked here before them. Expertise and experience go hand-in-hand at Redfield, where competitive prices, a “can-do” attitude, and sophisticated technology keep customers returning time and time again.

Redfield’s outstanding reputation leaves little doubt that this historic Omaha business will be around for at least another 100 years.

Our Technology

Redfield utilizes UV Rotary Offset Printing to produce label products which feature superior print quality & unsurpassed retention of screen value.

Additional capabilities include: